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A cat's guide to sensible sofa purchasing

Posted on January 29, 2015

Sitting comfortably on your lovely old sofa. That's the best place for a kitty cat, right? Wrong.


"But why so?!" we hear you ask. Well.

Sometimes kitties get stuck inside old sofas. (Sometimes armchairs. Sometimes they even get lodged inside piles of cushions.)


And it's not hilarious in any way whatsoever. Definitely not.



Please saveeeeeee us.


This little cat is gripping on for dear life. Any second now he'll be sucked into the deepest, darkest region of the sofa. Eek.



Ginger cat is not impressed either. Continually getting stuck in his owner's shoddy couch cushions, he pines for the day when something new to sit on makes its way into the living room.



Does this cat look happy to you? Well, you're wrong. He's furious. In fact, he's plotting revenge for being placed among such a silly amount of knitted scatter cushions.


"Why?!" he asks you, "why?!"



And this little madam, fed up with her owners' choice in living room furniture, has somehow clawed her way in (or halfway out) of this tatty sofa.


A lesson in the need for quality sofa-purchasing if ever we saw one! You wouldn't catch a cat clawing in or out of a real leather number - that's for sure... Probably.



So ANYWAY, if you've been convinced by the troubles that house-cats experience with bad quality sofas then why not pop down to Castle Marina for a browse - the Winter sales are still on at DFS and Furniture Village


Just make sure you keep quality in mind, pet owners. (As well as responsible use of sofa accessories. You don't want to lose a cat, only to find her looking a bit worse for wear after being trapped under a pile of scatter cushions days later.)


NB: If buying a new sofa at the Park, it may be worth picking up a scratch post from Pets at Home while you're at it :)