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Not a morning person? These delish Costa breakfasts will change your mind

4 reasons to rise and shine at Castle Marina


Posted on January 13, 2016

Having to set at least five alarms to wake you up. Starting every day in a zombie-like state. All-too-familiar struggles for people who absolutely hate mornings.


So, how can we possibly motivate ourselves to get out of bed?!


Well, these mouth-watering breakfasts from Costa Castle Marina will make mornings manageable...


Breakfast Bloomer Toastie

British pork and onion sausage, free range egg, hollandaise style sauce and smoked British streaky bacon in a soft bloomer bread. YUM!



Toasted crumpets

What’s more tasty than a light, fluffy buttermilk crumpet with butter on top? Definitely worth waking up for.



Maple-cured bacon, free range eggs & tomatoes on toast

Maple-cured bacon, free range eggs, and semi dried tomatoes, hollandaise-style sauce in barmarked multi-grain seeded bread.



And finally, this gorgeous Chai latte...